Although the success of Elvis is largely attributed to his music, his goal was to become a great actor. The roles he played in films were more of a fictionalized version of him. Their plot was not that great and it needed some good music for entertaining audiences. Nevertheless, this didn’t stop his fans from going ahead and watching those movies.

Between the years 1956 and 1969, he was seen in at least one film each year. Of course, 1959 was an exception. Elvis himself didn’t want to be typecast. So, he was quite unhappy with the business of films towards the end of his career. According to him, the producers were only taking advantage of his name and fame.

Still, his fans loved him dearly. Even today, there are many admirers of Elvis Presley across the world. Here are some of the memorable films of this legendary star that you must not miss:

1. Viva Las Vegas

This movie from 1964 had Elvis Presley and Ann-Margeret in the lead roles. Not many movies are as fun as this film. Both the stars were at the peak of their respective careers at the time. In this film, Elvis plays the character of Lucky Jacobson. He is a race car driver who tries to raise money to buy a new engine.

His intention is to compete in a race in Las Vegas. He enters a talent contest with the swim instructor of his hotel. Now, he hopes to win her heart as well as the cash prize for getting the engine.

2. King Creole

A 1958 release, King Creole is set in the French Quarter. It tells the tale of a brave child who supports his father after the death of his mother. Meanwhile, he also gets involved with two women and lands up in the company of crooks. The film also stars Carolyn Jones and Walter Matthau.

Many often consider King Creole as a quintessential Elvis movie. He was full of appreciation for the opportunity that he got through this film to play a dramatic role. The film also helped him use his singing abilities. He also mentioned that the role of Danny Fisher in the movie was his favorite.

3. Jailhouse Rock

In this film, Elvis plays the role of a construction worker who goes to jail. He is convicted of killing a man during a bar fight, but it actually happens by accident. This turns out to be an opportunity for him. He is discovered while singing on an inmate TV show.

Elvis had himself choreographed the legendary dance in Jailhouse Rock. This is just like many of the other movies of his early days. Elvis plays a typical bad boy who eventually turns out to be a good guy.

4. Blue Hawaii

There’s hardly anyone who doesn’t want to be on the beaches of Hawaii. Released in 1961, this movie tells the tale of a soldier who returns to Hawaii after his military tour. Although his mother wants him to join the family-run business of fruits, he prefers to relax on the beach. He has a girlfriend and his beach friends for company. Instead of opting for the fruit business, he joins his girlfriend’s agency as a tour guide.

4 Memorable Films of Elvis Presley

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