Celeste was a popular model and actress, known for her beauty and entrepreneurial skills. She was not only successful in her acting career but also excelled in many things that she did. They included business, speaking, teaching, and breeding cats.

At an age when many individuals think of their retirement, she got her doctorate in nutrition. Celeste also wrote two books on caring for dogs and cats. Here are some of the famous Celeste Yarnall movies:

1. The Nutty Professor

This science fiction comedy came out in the year 1963. The film features Jerry Lewis in one of his finest and most memorable roles. It is about a scientist Julius Kelp, who creates a serum transforming him into a handsome guy. Celeste Yarnall made her debut in this film, playing the role of a college student.

The movie was selected for preservation by the Library of Congress in the United States National Film Registry. A remake of this film was released in the year 1996. This film came from the director Tom Shadyac and starred Eddie Murphy and Jada Pinkett-Smith.

2. Eve

Eve had Celeste playing her first role as a lead actress. This 1968 thriller was directed by Jeremy Summers and featured Robert Walker as Mike Yates. It also starred Herbert Lom, Fred Clark, and Christopher Lee. The director had quit midway while filming and Jesus Franco was brought in to complete the film.

Franco was a Spanish horror film director. This film was a co-production involving people from the United States, Britain, Liechtenstein, and Spain. Brazil was chosen for filming of the location scenes.

3. Live a Little, Love a Little

In the year 1968, Celeste Yarnall was seen with Elvis Presley in this film. Live a Little, Love a Little is a musical comedy from the director Norman Taurog. He had directed Presley in many of his previous films. Shortly after the production of this film came to an end, Taurog went blind. Thus, the film was his last one.

This film had the popular track A Little Less Conversation. It became the basis of a remix that became a hit in 2002 on the charts of international music sales. Live a Little, Love a Little features Celeste as Ellen.

4. Beast of Blood

Released in the United Kingdom as Blood Devils, this was a Filipino horror film. It came out in 1970 and was the last film of director Eddie Romero for Hemisphere Pictures. After the completion of this film, director-producer Romero and co-producer Kane W. Lynn went their separate ways.

In this film, Celeste plays the role of the reporter Myra Russell, investigating the explosion of a ship. Beast of Blood is a sequel to The Mad Doctor of Blood Island, which was also directed by Romero. It was also the fourth in the Blood Island series.

5. The Velvet Vampire

In this cult film, Celeste plays the titular role. She appears as a centuries-old vampire who seduces the guests of her secluded desert estate. This was a low-budget vampire film, which released in 1971. It came from the director Stephanie Rothman. She is popular for her low-budget independent films of the 1960s and 1970s.

The Los Angeles Times praised the skills of Rothman. The praise was for her handling of love scenes in the film with rare sensual beauty. The commercial reception of the film was rather disappointing. Explaining its poor performance, Rothman was of the opinion that it was not a usual horror film.

5 Movies That Featured Celeste Yarnall

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